About Me

I’m a UX Designer and Content Strategist who loves designing and producing human-centred digital services and content. I’ve worked with startups and multinationals across Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the US to design great experiences for their customers. 

I’m currently the User Insights Lead with a Dublin creative agency; in this role I focus on researching customer behaviour and creating digital service strategies to help those brands serve their current customers better and attract new ones.

As a designer I am most useful interacting with clients, defining problems and the means of researching how to solve them. I like to specialise in the Problem-Definition to Research to Strategy definition and high-level prototyping.

Hire me if you need…

  • Client interaction/management,
  • UX research,
  • Strategy creation,
  • Creative and strategy co-creation with clients,
  • High-level IxD,
  • Project and team management
  • Service Design