Piers Scott

Sorry about the mess…

My portfolio isn’t looking the best at the moment…in fact, it’s a mess. But I am working on it. The copy and content is up to date, but you might find the IxD, visuals, and UX are lacking.

Piers Scott

I’m a Content Strategist and UX Designer, with nearly a decade of experience designing and producing human-centered digital services and content. I’ve worked with startups and multinationals across Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the US to design great experiences for their customers

UX Design

I am a UX Designer who focuses on using ethnographic research understand customer behaviour, and design digital and physical services that improve their experiences. I’ve designed solutions for large and small clients, across multiple media, industries, and services.

Content Strategy

As a trained journalist I understand how important clear and timely communication is. I believe that content strategy comes from the same source as UX research – a clear understanding of the user’s needs, behaviours, and expectations.