Helping customers switch energy provider on their own terms

The international energy market is competitive and highly commoditised. I was asked by one such provider to help it understand its customers, and help them more easily switch from the dominant competitor.

The international energy market is competitive and highly commoditised. In a buyers’ market the cost of acquisition and retention is high, so companies need to be competitive and innovative.

In a buyers’ market customer experience isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a matter of success or failure.

I was asked by one energy provider to help it understand how customers switch providers, and to design a solution to make it easier to potential customers to switch to them.

Key facts

  • Industry: Energy Utility
  • Position: Account lead
  • Client location: Ireland and UK
  • Team: 3 full time, 2 part time
  • Year: 2013-2015
  • Tasks: stakeholder interviews, design workshops user journey mapping, wireframing, user testing.

One of the largest energy providers in the UK and Ireland wanted to reach more customers in Ireland. While the company was performing well in the UK, it needed some help to further penetrate the Irish market. With a fluid market in Ireland the company needed to acquire new customers, and maintain their existing customers for longer.

Our challenge was to make it easier for customers to understand the proposition, and even easier to switch. This required us to overcome internal politics and legacy systems.

Over 18 months I led this account with a team consisting of a visual designer, developers, and agile PM. Together we redeveloped the company’s sales flow to improve conversion.

Login management
Login management


Our research found that the client had a large number of failed potential customers. The company was successful in attracting potential new customers to the sales flow, but few completed their purchase.

Our task was to identify the roadblocks, and remove them.

We began with Analytics. We found that a large number of entrants to the sales pages failed to complete the switch process early on. We took this initial data and mined it for insights.