Bringing the Oireachtas closer to Irish citizens

In 2015 I worked as part of the Each&Other team to completely redesign the Oireachtas website. Our aim was to improve the customer-facing and back-end technologies and processes that serve the site, so it’s more streamlined, easier to manage, and more flexible.

Final design showing the modular design

Key facts

  • Position: UX research and design
  • Team: 2
  • Year: 2015 – 2016
  • Tasks: User & stakeholder interviews, user & stakeholder testing, content audit, collaborative design workshops, wireframing, F&B creation, persona creation
  • Status: The site has launched as, with further improvements being rolled out.

With a dated website, half a dozen databases, and thousands of words of legacy content, the Irish Parliament’s (the Oireachtas) website is struggling to serve the needs of its internal and external users.